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in the opening run of the ncaa tournament. with we are in charlottesville, coach julie myer, team in the warmup shot shirt, love's mom in the stands, sharing in the moment of silence before the game. after faceoff, become to the game, the cavs strong. virginia scores the first three goal, the first 126 seconds in. whitaker hagerman with a pass to charlie finnegan, 8-7, uva, at the half. fast forward to the end of the game this game was great. virginia up 13-12, two minutes left. duff passes to finnegan and they completes her hat trick a diving score, cavs win 14-12. a really cool moment here, the players huddle after the game and salute their fallen teammate, an emotional day for head coach julie myers and the cavs. >> i think we are exhausted, drained, feels good whip a game, not only an ncaa game but this hurdle cleared over. the kids did a great job, dug deep and feel good about coming up with a win. towson was a great team. we feel fortunate, got the extra week we need. now we will be greedy and want another week. >> head coach myers, her virginia team will play north carolina next week in
senior yeardley love, cavaliers' coach julie myers said the best therapy for her team was to keep playing. today tires in virginia in north carolina hoping to continue their run in the ncaa tournament. cavs taking on the tar heels in the quarterfinals playing in honor of their late teammate yeardley love, who was murdered earlier this month. virginia down 2-0 early until charlie finnegan scores but it was all tar heels after that. north carolina scored 11 goals in the first half. north carolina goes onto win it 17-7. ending virginia's win in the ncaa tournament. plenty of emotions. cavs' head coach julie myers so proud of her team after all they've been through. >> and i think to the end of this season been all that we've been through, you guys have been with us so much, makes it especially hard. i am completely impressed and proud of my team. i'm so proud of their families. i'm so grateful for who -- for va to play for us. one of our fifth-year seniors said not a question in anyone's mind that we all love each other and to know that is a pretty special and amazing feeling. >> graduation
. coach julie myers spoke of what has been described as yeardley's uncommon talent and of her joy in the happiness she brought to others. her death just weeks before graduating from the university she'd dreamed attending has left loved ones searching for comfort all week. >> i think strength comes from friends. love from friends. and we can only pray for the family of yeardley love. >> it's a tragic, tragic loss. and no mother should ever have to go through this. >> reporter: when yeardley's love program, as though she had penned her own epitat, truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave. as her casket taken away for a private burial that sentiment was shown through tears and hugs through those who loved her and the cloudy morning sky turned blue as to embrace the beautiful, talented, sweet young woman the love family considered their angel. in baltimore, aaron gilchrist, news4. >>> the university of virginia will award yeardley a posthumous degree in government leader this month. meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend and fellow lacrosse player george huguely has been charged
. the women's team will be making its 15th consecutive trip to the tournament under coach julie myers and will play at home against towson sunday. we'll look at the entire lacrosse field coming up in 25 minutes. >>> send in a bid for a sculpture on e-bay of three new york city firefighters raising the u.s. flag at ground zero. if you win it you actually can't take it home. bidding for this 40-foot sculpture in hagerstown starts at $500,000. it pays tribute to heroes of the september 11th terrorist attacks. bidding starts may 22nd, the proceeds from the internet action will benefit defrauded investors. the buyer will be recognized on a plaque as having donated the statue to the national fallen firefighters foundation. >>> massive clean-up will not end for months in tennessee following the floods from more than a week ago. 13 inches over two days, especially in nashville that caused this muddy mess. floods killed over 30 people while -- well, a total of 30 people in three states including 20 in tennessee alone. it's estimated the floods caused more than $1 billion in damages just in th
. the cavs head coach, julie myers was proud of her team after all they've been through. >> i think the end to this season being all we've been through, makes it especially hard. i am completely impressed and proud of my team. i'm so proud of their families and grateful for who comes to virginia to play for us and at the end of the game, one of our fifth year seniors said, there's not a question in anyone's mind we all love each other and to know that is a pretty special and amazing feeling. >> we've always had her in our hearts. she wouldn't have wanted us to sit around and be sad. she was such a positive person. and i think we're trying to be positive and think of the good things that we can do from now on for her. >> graduation day is tomorrow at virginia where yardley love will be honored with a degree. >>> the stanley cup playoff this is afternoon. and remember, this guy, you remember him? he'll be coming soon. he played well against the cavs. second period, no score. he skates by two canadiens and he beats him. the top-shelf flyers take a 1-0 lead. later in the second, for montreal, g
. the women's team making its fifth consecutive trip under coach julie myers was given a number six seed and they'll play at home against towson on sunday. >>> today's the beginning of preakness week. that leads up to saturday's big race. the maryland school for the blind is going to hold their field day at 9:30 this morning. the theme will be down on the farm as the school was a farm decades ago. there will be a large farm petting zoo and 100 apple cider press that will also be showcased. for more information about the preakness go to there's a lot to read about, about the race and festivities that are leading up to saturday's big event. >>> 5:03. armed with pink bats for mothers' day the orioles couldn't get the twins pitcher nick blackburn who pitched seven strong innings. brian mattis with the worst start of his young career. orioles managed just six hits for the day, and they are all singles. they split the four-game series with the twins at the new ballpark. >> the ball is short. thrown to first. he did it. >> he did it. oakland a pitches his way into baseba
:00 and i even told -- our coach, julie myers, that yeardley would have been p.o.'d for this kind of attention for anything other than this team continuing with the athletic goals and aspirations. and -- that was affirmed by 8:00 last night. i made my colleagues around the university aware that this was something that did have the blessings and full support of the love family. so it was on that basis understanding that the academic pieces were handled and we would be comfortable with the teams continuing on with their seasons. >> yes, sir. >> arrest in 2008. was there ever a situation that you know of being reprimanded, suspended, visiting games. one particular game, do you know of any disciplinary action? >> i know of none. >> next, please. >> nbc news. we heard from various people, frien friends, something happened, possibly two weeks ago, altercation between both of them. i'm wondering if you could say if that was true, if can you confirm it, or if you are able to get into that. >> i have not heard it. frankly, i probably would not at this point. alan, do you have anything to s
to today. >> reporter: the women's lacrosse coach, julie myers, in a conference call with reporters, described the moment both teams found out about the murder. >> we called dom. and he was shaking. as we were. everyone had this tremendous sense of loss and how does this happen? >> reporter: at yeardley's funeral, six of the men's lacrosse players carried her casket, a detail that did not go unnoticed. >> by carrying her casket, those players also said that george huguely's gone. he's no longer one of them. >> reporter: both teams have vowed to play in the championships in yeardley's honor. but the coaches are worried about what comes next. when teammates and friends go their separate ways. >> give them the latitude to cry when they want to until they feel ready for it. give a lot of credit to the way that yeardley was. but also the love family and the atmosphere they've created for all of us. >> reporter: a family that left her number 1 jersey. and images of her smile and eyes, forever frozen in time. ashleigh banfield, abc news. >>> for more on this, we talk to dr. phil macgraw. t
their seasons. >> i have been told by her coach julie myers, that yeardley would have been p.o..ed for this kind of attention or anything other than this team continuing with its athletic goals and aspirati aspirations. >> love will be laid to rest on saturday in her hometown in maryland. >>> adding to an already bitter divorce, dwyane wade's estranged wife has filed a lawsuit claiming wade's relationship with actress gabrielle union is causing her and their two sons emotional distress. now the lawsuit alleges union engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior in front of the two boys. now it also claims that the boys received smaller gifts than union from wade for christmas. the nba star called the lawsuit baseless and meritless and union issued a statement insisting the allegations are false. >>> talk about a test of strength and endurance. competitors from all over the world race on foot across the australian desert for over seven days, spanning 155 miles. it's a race called racing the planet. now seven days, 155 miles, robin, that's about a mare a thon a day. >> every day and you're talking abou
. at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) >>> we brought julie into see this. all of you will be amazed. do you remember that we met they call themselves dude perfect? these students at texas a&m, they're also roommates who became youtube sensations with their incredible basketball shots. well, that was nothing. take a look at their latest one. >> you're in the air. >> let's go, baby. >> let's go, tyler. >> this is the airplane shot. >> no, your eyes are not deceiving you. they really hung out of an airplane out of a crop duster and on their second try got the ball in the basket in the field below. it was a stormy morning in austin to boot. so not only did they have to figure out the right speed and height of the plane, but they had to account for the storm and rain. and they nailed it on the second try. that's not edited. >> and they had to get the gmc truck in there in the right way, too. >> because gmc sponsored it. >> and that's just one of the videos that they made for
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)